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International tourism hits 1.1bn

Global tourism mobility is on the rise with 1.138 billion tourists travelling abroad in 2014 – 4.7% more than in 2013. Which countries showed the highest increase on expenditure and which continent welcomed over half of all tourists?

China spends US$102 billion on tourism

Chinese nationals spent US$102 billion on tourism in 2012 - making it the highest spending country in the world in terms of tourism, further cementing its potential as a student source market, given the overlapping of academic and leisure goals. Russia and Brazil also saw strong rises in tourism spending, while a report into international alumni and tourism spending was also published.

4% rise in tourism could benefit language travel

International tourist arrivals passed a billion last year and will grow further in 2013 according to UNTWO– potentially good news for education travel providers, such as language schools. However, some say benefits will be marred by the fact China, the main driver of growth, is yet to mature as an education travel market.

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