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Lords call for government unit to pursue UK soft power

A Lords Select Committee wants a new strategic government unit to safeguard the UK's soft power assets and called for foreign students to be omitted from the net migration count. Other recommendations include the British Council and overseas embassies becoming more engaged in promoting British English and culture.

What is the UK’s soft power legacy and how can it protect this?

Soft power is a frequent phrase now in international education circles, but a Lords Select Committee in the UK spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand better what it is and how the UK can better harness it. The subsequent report makes interesting reading and calls for, yes that's right, a rethink on students in net migration targets amid 80+ other suggestions. Amy Baker delves in to this and another Who's Who-based study of soft power in the UK.

EU surge contributes to latest UK migrant tally

Latest migration data for the UK reveals an erosion in enrolments for the UK's FE sector, while an overall increase in EU migration was behind the net migration headlines. Further declines in Pakistani and Indian student enrolments was also charted as well as a big rise in Brazilian students coming to the UK.


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