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Lords call for government unit to pursue UK soft power

A Lords Select Committee wants a new strategic government unit to safeguard the UK's soft power assets and called for foreign students to be omitted from the net migration count. Other recommendations include the British Council and overseas embassies becoming more engaged in promoting British English and culture.

UK: Immigration Bill blasted in Lords debate

An eight-hour debate in the House of Lords this week revealed serious concerns over an immigration bill that would introduce a number of measures affecting international students, including an annual NHS levy for migrants and compulsory checks by landlords of tenants' legal status.

UK rejects immigration reform for STEM

The British government has refused to alter its immigration policies to protect the provision of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at UK universities – despite warnings from the House of Lords that its policies threaten the viability of many STEM programmes. However, it did say it was monitoring the impact of its visa policies.