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Australia cautiously optimistic about 21% YTD growth

Australia is experiencing its strongest ever start to the year, bar its peak year of 2009, and has seen 21% growth across all international education sectors, latest AEI statistics have revealed. Yet growth is namely across higher education and Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) providers, meaning it is not as balanced as it seems.

Australia: ELICOS boon amid declining numbers

International student enrollments in Australia continued to fall for the fourth year in a row in every sector except English language teaching, according to the latest end-of-year statistics from the Australian government (AEI). The top five markets remained the same despite a 24.5% fall in enrollments to 53,396 from India.

Australia: 19% fall in exports hits VET, ELICOS

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training has called for student visa reforms to be extended beyond the university sector, after a damning report showed Australia’s $2billion education export industry fell sharply in the two years to FY2011-12—with the brunt borne by ELICOS and VET.

Australia: Milton College, Sydney in liquidation

One hundred international students are being placed into new institutions after Milton College in Sydney, Australia shut its doors last week due to financial difficulties. As a consequence, it is no longer able to continue to teach currently enrolled students; the majority of whom were thought to be on high school preparation programmes.