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What Germany is doing right to edge past the competition

When someone says Germany, what are the first things that come to mind? Cars, machines and brands that are known for their top-notch quality, punctuality and a strong economy. People might not know that it is also comfortably poised among the top five education destinations worldwide, writes Reem Nafie.

India, Germany commit €7m to HE partnership

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, and the University Grants Commission based in India, have launched a new joint programme to strengthen higher education partnerships between the two countries. The Indo-German Partnership in Higher Education programme was made official earlier this month in New Delhi.

Sebastian Fohrbeck, DAAD, Germany

German universities will have decreasing intake from German students so they are actually interested in getting more students, keeping up the numbers, or else otherwise we will be closing several institutions.

Germany: around 50% of foreign students stay on

The government-funded German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) published new statistics earlier this week revealing the number of international students in German universities is higher than ever, with one in ten students hailing from overseas (11.3%). For the first time DAAD has also disclosed that around 50% of foreign students remain in the country after graduating.