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How is France evolving as a study destination?

Julian Hall, writing for The PIE Review, assesses the political push to ensure France remains a top-five international educator and finds out how the language teaching sector fits in with these aims. “Our country has lost ground in the last 10 years," says France's Higher Education Minister.

France eases non-EU student visa restrictions

France has made it easier for students from outside the European Union to obtain visas and work in the country after they graduate, in a bid to attract more international students to the country. Students will no longer have to renew visas annually and can stay in France for up to a year to find work after graduation.

France and South Africa top African mobility

Demand for quality education continues to grow across Africa as lack of funding, inadequate infrastructure and demotivated faculty drive Africans to study abroad, according to a study by Campus France, the French government's higher education promotion arm. However France, the top destination, has seen its dominance slip as students increasingly choose to study within their region.

France’s position as study destination “fragile”

France's position as a top study destination for international students is "fragile" and the government must improve internationalisation in universities and the student experience to remain competitive, Higher Education Minister Geneviève Fioraso has claimed. She proposes improving Campus France and post-study work rights among other reforms.