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ELT accreditors make strides in global alliance

The Quality Assurance in Language Education Network, a worldwide network of English language accreditation bodies, has officially launched its website and branding this month, following a symposium in Malta. The developments put the organisation on track to create a forum for sharing best practice and comparing accreditation systems used in different countries.

Katie Westerlund, SEVP, USA

We have this fine line as an organisation with a mission to balance national security but also provide the opportunity for legitimate students to come to the United States and attend legitimate schools. It’s a fine line.

What is the impact of the accreditation bill in the USA?

Until December 2010, it was not a legal requirement for English language schools in the USA to be accredited. Since then, IEPs have had to at least begin the process, leading to a surge in demand with hundreds of new applicants. Sara Custer finds out the impact and implications of the new legally-enshrined quality landscape in the US.

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