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Seventh Ryugaku Awards held in Japan

Ashikaga University and Fukui University of Technology are the latest inductees into the Ryugaku Awards' hall of fame.
December 10 2018
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Ashikaga University and Fukui University of Technology were among the big winners of the Ryugaku Awards, entering its hall of fame at the seventh annual event organised by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.

“The decrease of the foreign students at Japanese language schools due to the great earthquake in 2011 opened up this idea”

The awards, which recognise the work of tertiary institutions in promoting study in Japan, saw nine universities and vocational providers win across schools and school department categories.

“The decrease of the foreign students at Japanese language schools due to the great earthquake in 2011 opened up this idea,” said Hiroko Yamamoto, director of Kai Japanese Language School and awards organiser.

“Many of them are from Asian countries and most wish to enrol in higher education institutions, however, Japanese universities and vocational schools don’t put much emphasis on marketing and PR activities for foreign students.”

Nominated and voted on by Japanese language schools, the 2018 Ryugaku Awards garnered more than 450 votes from 181 schools across the categories, which are split into east and west Japan.

Taking into consideration work in areas including academic excellence, employability, and student support, Yamamoto said the awards were also an opportunity for the Japanese language and tertiary education sectors to better engage with each other.

“More and more universities and vocational schools visit Japanese language schools,” she told The PIE News.

“And by knowing the cases that some universities changed for improvement from the requests of Japanese language schools, the number of Japanese language schools which realise the meaning of the awards has been increasing.”

Expanding from three categories in 2012, the Ryugaku Awards also acknowledge the ongoing success of providers, with those that win five years in a row entering its hall of fame.

AU and FTU became the third and fourth hall of fame inductees, joining the Japan Electronics College and Waseda University.

Japan’s language schools continue to see significant growth, with student numbers increasing 15.4% in 2017.


Vocational Schools:

Tokyo International Business College and Yale

Private university literature department:

Seigakuin University and Kwansei Gakuin University

Private University Science and Engineering Division:

Ashikaga University and Fukui Institute of Technology

National and public university department:

Yokohama National University and Osaka University

Graduate School:

Yokohama National University Graduate School and Ritsumeikan University Graduate School

Hall of Fame:

Ashikaga University  and Fukui Institute of Technology

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