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UK: Richmond & China Education Group partner

Richmond, The American International University in London has signed an agreement with the China Education Group to secure the university's "long-term future".
March 31 2020
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Richmond, The American International University in London, has signed an agreement with the China Education Group which will “secure the long-term future of the university”.

The partnership will make Richmond’s degrees more accessible to students worldwide, the partners said.

“We both keep our students’ interest at the heart of everything we do”

The deal will also benefit students at Richmond, who will be able to access internships and exchange programs at CEG’s international portfolio of universities – which includes nine universities and colleges in China and King’s Own Institute in Australia. In 2019/20 CEG had enrolled approximately 180,000 students from nearly 100 countries.

The university will also have a “greater reach in international marketing and recruitment”.

The partnership will “continue the mission in building an open, vibrant, and internationally focused University that welcomes people from all parts of the globe,” said the new chair of the Board of Richmond, Roger King.

It is a sentiment shared by Yu Guo, co-chairman of CEG.

“Richmond and CEG share a very common mission: to contribute to society through the pursuit of education,” Guo added.

“We also both keep our students’ interest at the heart of everything we do and are immensely proud of our highly dedicated faculty and staff.”

Established in 1972, Richmond is the only university in the UK which awards both UK and US degrees.

“Richmond has successfully built a unique UK-US curriculum over the years, combining the very best of higher education of the world’s two leading systems,” Xie Ketao, co-chairman of CEG added.

The partnership will “further widen [Richmond’s] global reach and develop its leadership in internationally focused liberal arts education” at its London campuses in Richmond and Kensington, Ketao noted.

The university will remain as a self-governing not-for-profit entity.

“I am delighted that this partnership has secured our future and we will continue to develop by providing our unique educational experience for many generations to come,” Phil Deans, president of Richmond concluded.

In 2019, Richmond trustee William G. Durden made a case for how an American liberal arts approach could improve the British higher education system on The PIE Blog.

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