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Gulnihal (Rose) Aydin, Futureducation, Turkey

For the naysayers, an education agent like Rose Aydin epitomises the best of the agency profession. She takes an holistic view of educational placement, works with psychologists and clients are with her for the long-term, not one season. She told The PIE about meeting the Irish Prime Minister and other facets of her business.

The PIE: How did you become involved in the international education business?

"It’s a lifetime programme for me. It is not about the number of the students"

GA: Actually I was a student and I attended student fairs and then… you know I had a really good connection with some of the college staff [attending] and because I spoke their language, we clicked and so they asked me to work for them at the fairs and from that moment on, I liked the industry…

The PIE: You said that you felt like you were changing people’s lives…

GA: Exactly, at that time I was going to graduate from college and then I was looking for my own opportunity. I realised that [this business] is helping people, making a difference in their lives and seeing them happy, answering their questions, understanding their needs and making analysis.

Those were the kinds of things that I found which were very important in my life, because when you help people you also help yourself. I started to have interest in learning more of other cultures and so I travelled  to some other countries and I started living abroad. The more I learned the better I feel like I’m living and I’m a part of this world.

“It’s like the need to get out of their cage in a way – a golden cage”

The PIE: And tell me about your business, when did you start Future Education? In 2009?

GA: In 2009, right. I have a background in business administration, in managing information systems as well as HR, so I’m using all these things in my job. I t really also makes me feel like whatever I do it’s like it’s still working for me, so I feel like whatever I’ve done it wasn’t something that I don’t use. I just don’t put it in a waste bin, I use everything. So it gives me also another motivation.

The PIE: Right, and how many students do you send overseas?

GA: Ah well, actually for me what’s important is not the number of students, actually what kind of package I give to them, so for example for me a student may actually represent four different student programmes, let’s say my student first takes the English language or a different language and then goes to high school, then to university and we’re still in contact so it’s a lifetime programme for me. It is not about the number of the students.

“Whatever happens to me happens to my students as well”

The PIE: Is it true that the Turkish market is booming now?

GA: Oh definitely, definitely. Maybe because of the increase in population and also because of the increase of the incomes of families, the people have money but they don’t have time to spend with their kids, so they want their kids to be brought up in such a way that they learn the cultures of the world, travel, increase their self-confidence and be a member of the world.

So maybe they cannot do it when they simply are at home and have all the resources; it’s like the need to get out of their cage in a way – a golden cage – so I work with their parents and I’m working with their psychologists.

The PIE: Really, working with psychologists? So it’s a high-end service that you offer? [more>>]

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