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Maureen Manning

VP of Strategy and Insight

Dr. Maureen Manning participated in her first international program in Ecuador at 16 years old, an experience that had a deep impact on both her educational philosophy and the trajectory of her life. She studied educational leadership and French at university and then began what has become a 25+year career (and counting!) in education, with a focus on international education and language learning.

Maureen has traveled to 50 countries across six continents, and has worked as an adjunct professor, teacher trainer, and professional development facilitator in the United States, Asia, Australia, and Europe, promoting best practices in language acquisition and in strengthening intercultural competencies. She has been a featured speaker at Harvard University, and numerous other universities in the US, Spain, Portugal, Pakistan, Singapore, and China. A regular on the conference circuit, Maureen presents about IE at US conferences each year. She is an author and consultant who received her doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston with a concentration in IE.

Maureen is a also trained musician who once serenaded a blind date on stage at a popular venue on Cape Cod. And now, 20+ years together and two sons later, she is immensely grateful to the three of them for filling her life and her heart with song, every day.


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