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Immy Mukawumbya

Global Business Development Manager

Immy lived in Uganda until she was 11, where she attended a British boarding school. During her time in Uganda, she learnt six different local languages, including Swahili. She came to England to finish her high school studies and then did a BA Hons in American Studies at the University of Portsmouth. She enjoyed topics on race relations in North, South and Latin America.

Since graduating in 2012, Immy has worked in a variety of sales environments, including a magazine, mailing solutions and at DiVA Apprenticeships, where she helped people from BAME backgrounds get apprenticeships in TV, music and other creative companies.

She enjoys pilates, music and visiting family in Uganda and Tanzania at least once a year. She finds that visiting her home country keeps her grounded and means she doesn’t stray too far away from her culture.


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