Lead5050, UK. Farhan Quraishi has taken on a new role as director at Lead5050, which specialises in helping companies identify their gender pay gap with data and research, and how to help close it. The role will be alongside his current positions as CEO of English language school SpeakUp London, and as chair of ELT association English UK. Speaking on LinkedIn after the role was announced, Farhan said: “After successfully implementing a fantastic accreditation software – I was hooked! Their mission is something which resonates with me and the team are just a dream to work with. It’s a really exciting step towards the future and I can 100000% say that Lead5050 is seriously going to be on the map! (even more than it is now!) A huge thank you to Ella Tyler, Leanne Linacre, Jago Brown and Zara Nanu MBE for having the trust in me and to let me join their exciting journey.”