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ICEF celebrates 100th Canada Course Graduate

ICEF has celebrated its 100th Canada Course Graduate, which is a specialised training course for education agents that wish to display sound knowledge of Canada as a study destination. A Colombian agent became the fourth from his company to complete the CCEA.
March 18 2014
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A Columbia-based education agent has become ICEF‘s 100th Canada Course Graduate (CCG), ten months after the course was officially launched at the ICEF North America Workshop in Toronto and just over a year since the Canadian Embassy in Germany helped originally announce the specialised agency training programme.

The course provides bespoke knowledge for agencies working with Canada, such as how to deal with the tricky Bill C-35

Richard Byron of LAE International Studies in Cali, Colombia, which operates in Australia and 11 Latin American countries, has joined the growing list of agents who have proved their specialised knowledge of Canada by passing the Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA) certifying exam.

The course provides bespoke knowledge for agencies working with Canada, such as how to deal with the tricky Bill C-35 that relates to immigration advice offered to students.

Byron is the fourth counsellor to qualify from the agency, which specialises in higher education but offers students assistance for programmes in all education sectors.

ICEF Agent Relations Manager for Colombia, Diana Forman, congratulated Byron and praised LAE for its “commitment to quality support for their students and interest in the Canadian market.”

The CCEA was created by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) in collaboration with ICEF and the Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE), in order to provide quality assurance among agents working with Canada.

“With the steady increase in the number of international students interested in studying in Canada, it is great to see that agents are serious about providing the best possible information and service to them,” ICEF Director of Agent Relations, Tiffany Egler, commented.

“As well as improving the student experience, institutions also benefit from working with CCGs – they can be confident that the agent is professional, up-to-date and possesses a high level of industry knowledge.”

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