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EF launches Android app for top-up study

EF – one of the world's largest private language training providers – has announced its online language school is now available as an Android App allowing students instant mobile access to its cloud-based online school, Efekta 13. Students will have access to teacher-led private and group classes 24 hours a day.

Europe: Boom in English-taught Masters

The number of fully English-taught Masters in Europe has increased by 42% since 2011 growing at a faster rate than the number of overall Master's programs in Europe. The increase could have a significant impact on mobility flow in and outside of Europe according to a new briefing paper from the Institute of International Education.

New live language translation software unveiled

New software launched this month will be able to offer the ability to translate – in real time – 35 languages into a computerised voice similar to Apple’s Siri, or 78 languages to sub-titles. It offers the potential to transform ideas around online learning, real-time learning and global event participation.

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