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Video dispels UK visa myths for Indian students

A video encouraging Indian students to study in the UK was launched last week. The video was the result of a collaboration between UK universities, the British Council in Delhi and the UK Home Office, and explains the visa application process by following two student applicants through the process.

UK: Willetts “wants more students” despite bonds

The UK’s universities minister, David Willetts, has told The PIE News he wants to attract more foreign students to the UK, days after the Home Office revealed it will pilot a cash bond scheme for some high-risk visitor visa holders. The VC of the University of Exeter said that the minister was serious about increasing numbers but his hands were tied by his party.

Educators outraged at visa price hikes, Australia

Australian educators say they are outraged by government plans to increase the cost of student visas at a time when the country is fighting to regain its position in the global education market. They object to an AUS$700 surcharge for anyone transitioning to a new visa once in the country. It comes as Brazil complains the cost of Australian study permits is too high for its students.

UK: Major debate on student visas as SVV declared success

The Home Office has released a study showing that its Student Visitor Visa (SVV) is working well and not subject to abuse. The report’s release has coincided with a major debate in Parliament in which many MPs criticised the government’s wider student immigration policy, although Mark Harper defended the position.

Student visa curbs could cost the UK £2.4bn

Toughened student visa rules could cost the UK £2.4bn over the next decade as students opt for rival study destinations, new research claims. A report from Universities UK warns that Canada and the US would likely pick up the lost business, estimated to be worth around £350 million ($537m) a year.