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Australia: VET enrolments up after 1.7% fall in 2013

Australia's growth story for 2014 rolls on as a monthly enrolment and commencement report shows a 10% increase in full-fee paying international students on May last year. Notably, the VET sector saw a year to date 13% increase in commencements after a 5.9% increase in enrolments. This is good news after 2013 results showed continued attrition.

Australia cautiously optimistic about 21% YTD growth

Australia is experiencing its strongest ever start to the year, bar its peak year of 2009, and has seen 21% growth across all international education sectors, latest AEI statistics have revealed. Yet growth is namely across higher education and Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) providers, meaning it is not as balanced as it seems.

TVET UK doubles income in 18 months to £40mn

The organisation charged with growing the UK's technical and vocational education exports says it has doubled its turnover to £40 million in a little over a year. TVET UK's growth has been driven by multi-figured deals with governments and corporations in Nigeria, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia. TVET UK is also establishing an office in Saudi Arabia.

Education New Zealand’s new plan for private sector

As new research reveals international education was worth NZ$2.6 billion in 2012/2013, Education New Zealand has released an engagement plan to bolster its struggling private sector. The initiative will focus on advocating for regulatory reform, increasing access to government grants and boosting offshore marketing. There is a clear focus on leveraging opportunities presented by vocational training too.

World Skills Competition promotes VET

The essential role skills play in the global economy was highlighted last week at the 42nd World Skills Competition in Liepziger, Germany, organised by WorldSkills International. The competition involved one thousand youngsters from 52 countries and regions who competed in a variety of skill sets.

WorldSkills expo showcases global VET talent

The 42nd World Skills event is taking place in Leipzig, Germany this week. National teams will compete to win podium medal places in different categories covering six main skills sectors and around 1,000 competitors will be taking part in the event from 54 countries.

Australia: 19% fall in exports hits VET, ELICOS

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training has called for student visa reforms to be extended beyond the university sector, after a damning report showed Australia’s $2billion education export industry fell sharply in the two years to FY2011-12—with the brunt borne by ELICOS and VET.