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Katie Westerlund, SEVP, USA

We have this fine line as an organisation with a mission to balance national security but also provide the opportunity for legitimate students to come to the United States and attend legitimate schools. It’s a fine line.

Coursera restores access to Iranian students

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) giant Coursera has lifted restrictions to students in Iran put in place earlier this year in compliance with US export control regulations. The restrictions on provision in Iran, Cuba, Syria and Sudan came into force when the US government released "a clearer interpretation" of how export control regulations relate to MOOCs.

GoAbroad.com award winners announced

The fourth annual GoAbroad.com Innovation Awards took place in San Diego during NAFSA's annual conference. Delegates gathered to recognise the winners of 10 awards celebrating innovative approaches to work and study abroad. STA Travel sponsored a new category, "Start the Adventure", offering a $1000 cash prize for both the winner and their institution.

USA: NY, MN mull state legislation of study abroad

Two US states are working on legislation that they hope will protect the interests of students who study abroad. In New York, proposed legislation would force colleges to fully disclose the costs of their study abroad programmes, while a new Minnesota bill would require institutions to file annual reports on student deaths, accidents and illnesses that occur during study abroad.

Minerva welcomes founding class in US

Last week Minerva Schools at KGI based in the USA announced that it will welcome two sections of its founding classes in September. The institution claims to have "reinvented the university experience" with online delivery and will be granting the first cohort of students four years' of free tuition.

USA: FBI issues study abroad warning

The FBI has issued a warning to US students studying abroad of the dangers of being targeted by foreign intelligence recruiters. On the agency's website it has posted a 30-minute video featuring a real-life story as well as tips on what students can do to protect themselves abroad.