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UK: INTO videos prepare students for visa interviews

In response to credibility interviews for international students rolled out by the UK Home Office, global higher education organisation INTO has produced a set of videos to help students prepare for what could be their first formal interview in English. Posted along side other pre-arrival videos online at INTO TV, to date they have received some 7,000 views.

UK: 2015 election signals further policy changes

The Home Office has warned the UK higher education sector that it should expect further policy changes that could impact international student recruitment in the run up to the 2015 election. Speaking at the annual UKCISA conference last week it also raised eyebrows by unveiling a new video interview system to vet students in 74 locations around the world.

UK: concern over 10% annual rise in visa cost

International educators have criticised a decision by the chancellor, George Osborne, to raise the cost of a student visa by up to 10% every year for the next two years, saying it will create more barriers to studying in the UK. They also worry that the rises will not be matched by an improvement in services, despite widespread criticism of processing delays last year.

UK “credibility interviews” likely to be fairer than predicted

The UK Council For International Student Affairs (UKCISA) has told The PIE News that the Home Office’s new “credibility interviews” of international students are likely to be fairer than predicted, after a survey revealed serious concerns about them last month. UKCISA believes they will now mainly be used to support rather than dictate visa decisions.

UK: Coalition in new immigration crackdown

Critics have attacked proposals made by the Deputy Prime Minister that some temporary migrants should pay deposits to ensure they do not overstay their visas. They warn the measure – which is part of a new crackdown on illegal immigration, mainly from within the European Economic Area – would further antagonise non-EU students and give the impression Britain is “closed”.

UK: non-EU undergrad acceptances steady in 2012

Acceptances of non-EU students to UK undergraduate courses remained stable this year, based on UCAS end of cycle figures, in a further sign that interest in the tertiary sector is somewhat cushioned by tougher visa policies. But others warn market share is falling and that an enrolment slide could hit HE next year.

UK: Visa interviews rolled out, PhD students can stay

UK Home Secretary Theresa May today announced more major changes to the immigration system to ensure that student visas are not a "backdoor route" to working in Britain. More than 100,000 prospective visa applicants will now be interviewed. Yet May also relaxed conditions for those at the top of the academic tree – PhD and MBA graduates will find it easier to stay and seek work.