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IDP survey: Australia good for graduate opportunity

International students still perceive the USA and the UK as top destinations for a quality education, however, according to the latest IDP Buyer Behaviour research, Australia is considered among the best study destinations for graduate employment opportunities and Canada and New Zealand are seen as affordable and safe.

LAL to open three new centres in 2015

LAL Language Centres has announced three new locations for 2015; a school for adults in Boston and summer schools for young learners in New York and Brighton. The boutique-style Boston school was being operated via a partner but becomes an LAL centre from January.

UK: positive outlook for offshore provision

With growing concerns in the UK around including students in net migration targets, a more positive and opportunistic outlook surrounding offshore and improving UK branding was forecast by experts from the UK's education sector, investors, financial and legal advisors and strategy consultants at an event in London this week.