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UK: NUS calls for fixed fees guarantee

The National Union of Students in the UK is running a campaign to put pressure on leaders of UK educational institutions to abolish in-course tuition fee increases for international students. At least half of all UK universities do not currently provide students with a fixed fee guarantee.

UK Border Agency faces “24 years of backlogs”

The UK Border Agency is failing to get to grips with student visa processing delays as it struggles with a backlog of cases that could take 24 years to tackle. In a report released Monday, the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee claimed that only 14% of Tier 4 visa applications were processed by UKBA within the promised target time in Q3, down from 28%.

UK: Coalition in new immigration crackdown

Critics have attacked proposals made by the Deputy Prime Minister that some temporary migrants should pay deposits to ensure they do not overstay their visas. They warn the measure – which is part of a new crackdown on illegal immigration, mainly from within the European Economic Area – would further antagonise non-EU students and give the impression Britain is “closed”.

UK: Syrians face uncertainty as funding dries up

Syrian students at UK universities say they are facing an “impossible situation” as funding for their studies dries up and some institutions are unable to cover the shortfall. Many fear that they will be unable to complete their studies and even sent home, where they could face torture or assassination.

UK: NUS posts video on London Met turnaround

The National Union of Students' (NUS) International division has posted up a video online, detailing the turnaround it helped achieve for international students that were at risk of deportation in the London Met fiasco. NUS International Students Officer, Daniel Stevens, underlines that HTS closures continue to impact those at private colleges.

UK: students from new EU face work permit delays

Students from the new EU states Romania and Bulgaria are facing waiting times of up to nine months when applying for permission to work part time during their university studies in the UK, the UK Border Agency has revealed. Affected students have said the situation is putting their degrees at risk and forcing them into illegal work.

Police end night queues for internationals, UK

The Metropolitan Police has overhauled its processing procedures, after hundreds of non-EU students in London were forced to queue overnight in the rain last week to register with them. Students now have until Christmas to complete the registration process either by themselves or through their university.