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Navitas to expand SAE presence in California

Global education provider Navitas is set to acquire California-based creative media college Ex’pression for US$13 million. The deal will be completed through the company’s media education subsidiary, SAE Institute Group. With campuses near San Francisco and San Jose, the move will double SAE’s locations in the state.

Navitas returns to profit in FY2013

International education giant Navitas has returned to profit in FY2013 after a tough 2012, largely due to improved operating conditions in its biggest market, Australia. The firm, which offers pathway, English language, vocational and corporate courses in a number of countries, saw revenue climb by 6% to AUS$731.7m and net profit by 2% to $74.6m. This follows a 5% profit fall in 2012.

What is the Indian perspective on top study destinations?

Overseas education has always been a booming industry, and in billion-plus and burgeoning India, its effects can only be reaped. Surplus demand for the best domestic colleges, and unrealistically high entrance requirements, set off around 400,000 young Indians overseas in search of a more rounded education each year. Arundati Dandapani assesses the appeal of some of the top destinations vying for a share of the Indian student market.

Navitas interim results hint at bounce back

Navitas, one of Australia’s biggest education providers, says it is on the road to growth as revenue and enrolment climbed in the first half of FY2013. The firm, which has large English language and pathway divisions, saw total group revenue climb 4% to AUS$355.4million with profits down just 1%.

Canterbury uni, NZ, teams with Navitas

The University of Canterbury, one of New Zealand’s best known HEIs, has partnered with Australian education giant Navitas in a bid to boost its foreign enrolments. The two will launch a new pathway venture from the second half of 2013.

Who is making waves in international education?

The last few years have presented the international education sector with significant challenges, but the continuing demand has kept most businesses buoyant and growth on the agenda. The PIE takes a look at a selection of the key players in language, pathways and higher education that are navigating through somewhat turbulent times.