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NAFSA announces Simon Award winners

Seven US universities and colleges have been recognised for excellence in international education by NAFSA in this year's Senator Paul Simon Awards for Campus Internationalisation, named after the late Senator Paul Simon of Illinois.

Obama to prioritise immigration reform in 2014

President Barack Obama reiterated his intention to fix the US's "broken immigration system" in his State of the Union address to Congress yesterday. NAFSA have welcomed the address, which they say "once again acknowledges that immigration reform remains a top priority for the nation".

US: foreign students prop 313,000 jobs

International students in the United States and their families supported 313,000 jobs and contributed US$24 billion to the economy in the 2012-2013 academic year according to the latest estimates by NAFSA. For every seven international students enrolled, three US jobs are created or supported by spending in tuition and living costs.

International students support 300,000 US jobs

International students supported 300,000 US jobs through their spending in the country in 2011-2012, NAFSA's annual economic report has shown. The organisation has also launched an interactive value tool online, which makes it easier to see the economic benefits overseas students contribute to individual states and regions.

USA: Simon Award winners announced

NAFSA's "Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalisation" has gone to eight US universities and colleges which excel at integrating international education at their campuses. Colorado State University, Green River Community College and Fairfield University were among the winners.

US: consensus grows for STEM green cards

The White House and Senate are reaching common ground on the issue of post-study work rights for foreign students. A week after his second inauguration, US President Barack Obama outlined plans to fast-track green cards for skilled science graduates of US universities, with a bipartisan group of senators unveiling similar proposals days earlier.