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University College Dublin opens China centre

University College Dublin has launched a China Global Centre located in the Chaoyang District in China’s capital. It will act as a base for the university and facilitate better engagement with partner institutions as well as be an on-the-ground contact point for interested parties.

Cohesion is critical, underline peak bodies at ALTO

Chief Executive at English UK, Eddie Byers, has stated that the UK's ELT sector needs to work harder to make the government understand it is a "key feed" into the HE sector. And English Australia's Sue Blundell wowed ALTO delegates with data illustrating Australia's growth and grasp of stats.

Ireland overhauls student immigration legislation

Only accredited English language and higher education programmes will be permitted to recruit international students in Ireland from next year, under a major reform of student immigration and the international education sector announced this week. “These reforms are crucial to ensuring that only those providers which can offer the highest standards can attract international students," said the Minister of Education.