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Bangladesh opens HE sector to foreign providers

Foreign higher education providers may now operate in Bangladesh, thanks to a recent move by the Education Ministry. The policy, which enables foreign universities, JVs with local universities and investors to establish branches or study centres, has met with some controversy and private domestic universities lobbied against such a move.

THE Rankings: US on top; Asia climbs; Australia falls

Results from the fifth annual THE World Reputation Rankings show that the USA retains its prestige as a higher education superpower. US institutions dominate the top 10, Asian institutions continued to gain ground and Australia has shown an unexpected downturn in the league table as defined by academics worldwide.

Indonesia opens up to foreign universities

Indonesia has passed a law that opens the country up to foreign university branch campuses for the first time, despite criticism that the new institutions will only benefit the wealthy. The government has promised that new universities will be socially inclusive and will modernise the education system.

IAU warns against pitfalls of internationalisation

The International Association of Universities has warned of the potential negative consequences of internationalisation and outlined ways higher education can avoid them. It said cultural homogenisation, brain drain and unethical recruiting practices were among the associated pitfalls...