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Increase in Chinese students in France

Booming Chinese investment in Africa could prove to be beneficial for France. With historical and lingual ties to several countries on the continent, France has seen an increase in Chinese students keen to learn French and establish ties with French industry. As a result, the French government has initiated a series of programmes to attract Chinese students to France.

Confucius for business opens in France

The governments in China and France have invested in fortifying economic ties between their countries by supporting the establishment of the country's first Confucius Institute for Business. “Major players in the Chinese corporate world are now more than ever willing to cooperate with Europe," said the centre director.

France pledges €8 million for MOOC “catch up”

Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister of Higher Education, has announced €8 million of funding for online courses to allow France to "catch up" with other countries investing in MOOC development. At present, only 3% of French universities offer online courses, compared with 80% in the US. The Ministry wants to promote the courses for job seekers and those already in work as well as for students.

How is France evolving as a study destination?

Julian Hall, writing for The PIE Review, assesses the political push to ensure France remains a top-five international educator and finds out how the language teaching sector fits in with these aims. “Our country has lost ground in the last 10 years," says France's Higher Education Minister.