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How are educators and investors faring in rising Africa?

Africa has rising wealth, stabalising economies and youthful demographics that mean it will inevitably be looking outward to meet demands for education and skills training. Experts in the field explain that working in Africa offers opportunity, but it is unique in its infrastructure, needs and digital landscape. Sara Custer reports.

USA recruiters “10-15 yrs behind Aussies and Brits”

The USA's HE marketplace could benefit by 8 to 10% growth if recruitment practices evolved to catch up with those seen in Australia and the UK, Mitch Leventhal, co-founder of AIRC has said. "The British and the Australians are 10 to 15 years ahead in terms of sophistication of the staff and the leadership of universities," he said.

UK: student mobility data now visual, interactive

The British Council has launched an interactive data visualisation tool to illustrate trends in international student mobility and the UK's changing role as both a study destination and source of international students between 1996 and 2012. The tool also reveals the impact of UK policy decisions and global socio-economic events on inbound study.