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What is the UK’s soft power legacy and how can it protect this?

Soft power is a frequent phrase now in international education circles, but a Lords Select Committee in the UK spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand better what it is and how the UK can better harness it. The subsequent report makes interesting reading and calls for, yes that's right, a rethink on students in net migration targets amid 80+ other suggestions. Amy Baker delves in to this and another Who's Who-based study of soft power in the UK.

Gov must focus on fraud, say UK associations

Leaders of UK sector associations have called for the government to focus on existing fraud challenges in light of a recent TV documentary instead of increasing regulation for compliant schools. Accreditation UK has confirmed its remit does not include delivery of external examinations.

British Council and South Africa sign DOI

The British Council has signed a Declaration of Intent (DOI) to work with the South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) to improve the country's English as a First Additional Language (EFAL) programming and delivery. The signing of the DOI follows last week’s Education World Forum.

Aussies launch ESL MOOC, Brits close behind

The first Massive Open Online English Course – MOOEC– has been launched in Australia with more than 50 lessons developed by 15 Queensland colleges and universities. The roll out is the first effort to take the "showcasing" success of Massive Open Online Courses to the English language learning sector.