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ELT MOOC proves FutureLearn’s most popular

The English language-focused MOOC has been the singularly most popular online programme offered by UK platform, FutureLearn, which has shared with The PIE News information about who signed up for the course. Meanwhile, Australia's own ELT MOOC also suggests massive demand for online ELT.

British Council courts top UK alumni

According to the British Council, one in ten current world leaders have studied in the UK and proportionately, the UK is more likely to produce a world leader than the USA. To maintain relations with high-flying alumni, the British Council has launched a campaign to recognise outstanding graduates from China, India and the USA.

How are educators and investors faring in rising Africa?

Africa has rising wealth, stabalising economies and youthful demographics that mean it will inevitably be looking outward to meet demands for education and skills training. Experts in the field explain that working in Africa offers opportunity, but it is unique in its infrastructure, needs and digital landscape. Sara Custer reports.