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USA recruiters “10-15 yrs behind Aussies and Brits”

The USA's HE marketplace could benefit by 8 to 10% growth if recruitment practices evolved to catch up with those seen in Australia and the UK, Mitch Leventhal, co-founder of AIRC has said. "The British and the Australians are 10 to 15 years ahead in terms of sophistication of the staff and the leadership of universities," he said.

US schools get “amber light” for agent use

US schools have been given a cautious go-ahead to use commission-based agents to recruit international students, after a report commissioned by the National Association of College Admissions Counsellors (NACAC) proposed that its members could, but should not use them. However, it also calls for new rules to ensure agents are used ethically.

Jennifer Wright, AIRC, USA

If NACAC ruled in favour of agents you’d see many more US schools at workshops such as ICEF. There would be much more focus on that new opportunity to recruit, and it would increase the profile of all US schools.

Rapprochement during NAFSA agency debate

The debate within the USA on the use of agencies in international student recruitment has evolved, with the question being 'how' rather than 'if'. At a recent NAFSA session, Director of Public Policy and Research at NACAC said, "Agencies are something that is real and NACAC has no problem with that."