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IELTS beefs up biometrics with photo/fingerprint

Global English test IELTS has rolled out a new biometric identity authentication system that will incorporate a finger scan and high resolution photo of all test takers in jurisdictions where it is permitted. The company said that governments had welcomed the security upgrade and test-takers appreciated the swifter process.

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iTEP SLATE exam climbs 300%, USA

The number of US private high schools using the iTEP’s SLATE exam for admissions has increased by 300% in a year, its owners claim with the test apparently filling a “vacuum” left by the now retired ETS SLEP exam. 135 schools now recognise the SLATE, which is used to assess how international students will integrate in their classes.

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IELTS: number of test takers up by 11%

A record two million International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests were taken worldwide over the last 12 months, representing an 11% rise. The US was singled out for mention as a growth market – a shot across TOEFL’s bows given that test’s dominance in the American market.

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China: SAT takers set to double in 2012

In a sign that demand for US education will remain strong this year in China, the number of Chinese taking the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is expected to exceed 40,000 this year – up from 20,000 in 2010 and just 200 in 2003. Most of the top US universities require a candidate to have an SAT score. The number of Chinese students at US universities climbed 23% this year.

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