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Visa issuance suspended at four colleges in Ireland

The issuing of visas and residence permissions to international students seeking to enrol at four English language colleges in Ireland has been suspended, following an undercover investigation by The Sunday Times that resulted in claims that some schools are willing to alter official records, allowing students to flout visa regulations.

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UK: Lords want PSW to stop STEM decline

The UK’s “unwelcoming” immigration policy is largely to blame for an unprecedented fall in the number of incoming international STEM students, a House of Lords report has concluded. The Lords have called for a “simpler” immigration policy that excludes overseas students from net migration figures and the reinstatement of the post-study work visa.

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Italy: PON scholarships extended to four regions

The Italian Ministry of Education has extended a European-backed group scholarship scheme funding study abroad to secondary school students learning European languages after industry speculation that the programme would be scrapped. Industry sources speculate that there could be up to €20 million in funding available.

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