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Because statistics and trends – and understanding their inference – are important functions for many Professionals in International Education, our Data tab will help. The latest infographic relates to Source Markets in the HE sector.

The PIE is working with Student Marketing, to bring you an Infographic regularly showing big picture trends.


Source regions – market shares (2009): UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 2011

Asia’s growing middle class according to predictions: OECD Development Centre, 2010

Top source markets worldwide – student numbers (2009): UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 2011

Countries that has seen a negative growth trend in recent years: UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 2011; UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 2006

The top international HE source markets for the USA: Institute of International Education, 2012

The top international HE source markets for the UK: Higher Education Statistics Agency, 2012

Use of agents: British Council, 2012

Previous infographics – Educational Travel (overview of market) – September 2012.


Study Destinations within higher education – February 2013.



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